Imagine a rainy summer day, a motor, a toothbrush and a battery, all ingredients for fun day making a bristlebot. But no such luck. Noa and his friends’s bristlebot kept flipping over, probably because the motor was a bit too strong for the toothbrush. But, the holiday tinkering spirit was strong that day, so, they also did experiments with Catamaranbots, which they kept on sailing in circles.

After these semi-failed experiments,  the holiday tinkering gang started playing with another variation, including matches and a matchbox, leaving the toothbrush and boat behind…

So here comes the…



He has four legs made out of matches + a matchbox body + a superpaper head + 3 Volt battery + rotary vibration engine

(for the most part the ingredients of a bristlebot)


Here is the video of Matchdogbot, where in French Noa comments: “A motor of 2 euro, a battery of 50 cents and a box of one euro 50, which makes 4 euro.. Yes, says the other voice…”

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