interesting stuff 2 re-use

– cassette player, walkman, dictaphone (motors, paddles (?) & heads)
– certain pieces of washing machines (pump, wash drum)
– transformers, adaptors & all kinds of power supplies
– electronic bells
– alarms
– old phones (they’re easier to work with)
– electronic parts of cars (12 V) : f.e. the motor to control the rear view mirror
– tape-recorder
– record players
– toys that include batteries
– speakers
– all appliances with knobs you don’t use anymore
– potentiometer, sensors
– old electrical toys
– old cables you don’t need anymore
– screwdrivers, soldering iron, dremel
– mechanical things containing a motor (f.e. a hat with a solar panel)
– everything that provides electricity
– small parts f.e. the mechanism of a doll that speaks
– a lego train
– curling tongs
– fax machine, scanners, copy machines : the older they are, the more mechanical they are and thus more interesting to recuperate certain elements (it doesn’t mather if they’re broken!)