Ellentriek 14: presentation by Natacha Roussel


Quasi OBJets environnements hybrides

Weiser 1991

Ubiquitous Technology informatique omnipresente

In opposition to the desktop « user » ubiquitous technologies engages many more dispositifs at the same time in daily activities and the person is not necessarily aware that this the case.

Laura Beloff Erich Berger « heart donnor »,





Garnment as a historical tool to the body:


























Kobakant, massage me 2007 http://www.massage-me.at/

Textile as an open source technology:

Lily pad Leah Buckley




Alyce Sonic Sonic fabric


Textile as a participative proposition:

Html Patchwork
Open Source Embroidery a project initiated by Ele Carpenter




Garnment as a critical tool:

Jana Sterback remote control  II 1991



pour une multiplicite d’usagers

Interac wearing Experientiae electricae 2009
La négociation pour son espace d’action dans une pièce collective
La transformation de son rythme personnel par le jeu en réponse au rythme proche
L’ajustement de son propre rythme en fonction du rythme global
l’appropriation des choix d’un autre


Transformation des critères de la cartographie
critères personnels
pratiques issues de la derive urbaines
bio mapping
Jeu Urbain

Diana Heng Blogger Hoody 2003

XS labs, sonic tuxedo 2008

Becky Stern Compubody sock

XY interaction, interface pour la composition sonore et musicale

Ellentriek #13 – Audio

wednesday 09/11/2011 – 13:00 > 19:00
wednesday 23/11/2011 – 13:00 > 19:00
Pianofabriek, rue du fort 35, 1060 St. Gilles

Please inscribe beforehand wendy attt constantvzw . org
for electric-minded do-it-yourselfers and creative tinkerers/artists

Ellentriek is all about audio in november. We will learn how to build small own amplifiers and microphones, during two long Wednesday afternoons. With a soldering iron, a couple of components, some creativity and tons of good vibes we’ll happily tinker away!
The workshops are free and multilingual. Ellentriek is open for beginners and advanced tinkerers. If you have your own DIY audio project, bring it along.

Ellentriek #12 : Ellentriek goes High Voltage – HI VOLTAGE ! (new dates)

Where: De Pianofabriek, Rue du Fortstraat 35, 1060 Brussels
When: From 7 May 13:00 to 8 May 19:00

Ellentriek is a series of workshops where artists can come and work together on their own artistic electronics projects. We work with themes. This Ellentriek has two threads happening simultaneously. You choose which thread you want to follow.

Thread one: Normally Ellentriek stays under 20 Volt – direct current. For once we will explore the dangerous zones of High Voltage. Under the watchful eye of our expert we will look at Kirlian Photography, Van de Graaff generators, anti-gravity lifters… So be sure to wear rubber boots and gloves for this edition, because everything we do will be mighty dangerous.

Thread two: You can come and work on your own artistic projects with basic electronics and a little bit beyond. We have all kinds of tools for electronics, a nice collection of sensors, Arduino’s and collective brainpower.

Practical: If you want to come and have a look – you are welcome. If you already work with high voltage and you want to demonstrate your projects, contact us. Enrolling is advised. Please send an email to Wendy:

wendy [attt] constantvzw.org

If you have specific questions/needs with regard to your project, please let us know so we can collaborate more efficiently. This workshop is free & multilingual.

This workshop is organized in collaboration with De Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats.

To prepare, we (=G, K, C & M) have already built a Jacob’s ladder:

Ellentriek #10

ELLENTRIEK #10 : Ellentriek vs Code, Arts & Crafts

(a little bit) Beyond prototyping
(een kleine stap) Voorbij prototypes
(un petit pas) Au delà du prototypage

An advanced level workshop building Arduino-like constructions. When building a physical computing construction using a microcontroller, you are often confronted with breadboards, loose wires and headerpins.

Furthermore, an Arduino board itself is quite big. In this ‘Ellentriek vs. Code, Arts & Craft’ session, we want to try to go a step further using our expertise and ‘the little grey cells’.

While building and constructing we try to solve following questions:

How to ‘miniaturise’ an Arduino microcontroller?
How to program Arduino pro mini’s, freeduino nano’s, Ardweenies, …?
Which microcontroller suits you best?
How to build your own microcontroller?
How to translate your breadboard trial version to a pcb?
How to make pcb’s with a laserprinter?

On Saturday evening (7pm), Dirk Oosterbosch will give a presentation on Fritzing, a plateform and software for the documentation and sharing of prototypes, and the making of pcb layout for professional manufacturing.

Enrolling is advised through the imal website:


If you have specific questions/needs with regard to your project,
please let us know so we can prepare better.

The workshop will take place on the 6th & 7th of November 2010 from
2.00 pm till 6.00 pm at iMAL, 30-34 Quai des Charbonnages /
Koolmijnenkaai, 1080 Brussel.
This workshop is free & multilingual.

More info on www.pianofabriek.be or www.constantvzw.org or www.imal.org

interesting stuff 2 re-use

– cassette player, walkman, dictaphone (motors, paddles (?) & heads)
– certain pieces of washing machines (pump, wash drum)
– transformers, adaptors & all kinds of power supplies
– electronic bells
– alarms
– old phones (they’re easier to work with)
– electronic parts of cars (12 V) : f.e. the motor to control the rear view mirror
– tape-recorder
– record players
– toys that include batteries
– speakers
– all appliances with knobs you don’t use anymore
– potentiometer, sensors
– old electrical toys
– old cables you don’t need anymore
– screwdrivers, soldering iron, dremel
– mechanical things containing a motor (f.e. a hat with a solar panel)
– everything that provides electricity
– small parts f.e. the mechanism of a doll that speaks
– a lego train
– curling tongs
– fax machine, scanners, copy machines : the older they are, the more mechanical they are and thus more interesting to recuperate certain elements (it doesn’t mather if they’re broken!)